Americans Are Wearing Safety Pins For This Election-Related Reason

Safety pins have long been a staple of anarchist culture. They're populist, cheap, and easy to put on or remove. You probably remember the crust punks of your high school fairly festooned in the things. Now, they're coming back to show solidarity with the people that Donald Trump hates. The idea began, according to GOOD with Brexit. An American tweeted that wearing the pin would denote an individual loyal to the cause of those discriminated against by racists or homophobes.
Now that America has gone and elected a man who has inspired a wave of racist attacks, the pins have made their way back across the Atlantic. People all over are tweeting their image with the pin and a message of solidarity.
Want to join the movement? Here's how: Put a safety pin on your shirt and don't be an asshole. Simple, right?

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