Wizard Of Oz Superfans: There’s A Palette For You, Too

Storybook Cosmetics, the company behind the Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes, has a new cinema-inspired venture — Wizard of Oz makeup. The company announced the fantastical palette on its Instagram yesterday and it's taken the beauty world by storm, or rather, by cyclone. The palette's six shades all take after various part of the Oz 'verse. All your favorites are there: the good witch (Glinda, for Wicked fans), the Yellow Brick Road, Toto, those vibrant red poppies, and even Oz himself. If the collection is anything like the movie, we should expect super-saturated hues in primary colors. Oh, and a whole lot of yellow and green — one must pay tribute to the brick road and the Emerald City. Listen, we don't want to say that we're psychic, but we called this. Cinema is a veritable trove of cosmetic inspiration. We love makeup, we love movies. Let's combine that ish! Back in 2014, we compiled a list of movies that deserve their own makeup lines and the compilation is beginning to look more like a prediction than wishful thinking. To wit: We suggested Dirty Dancing would make for wonderful makeup inspo, and, lo and behold, indie cosmetics company Sola provided a Dirty Dancing makeup palette. Other movie-inspired products, such as the Mean Girls-inspired shadow palette and trays of Harry Potter hues have also proved our point. This is proof that if you write down your dreams, they become a reality — the power of wishful thinking and all that. Also, if our barometer is correct, a Breakfast At Tiffany's collection is on deck. Alas, the Wizard Of Oz palette doesn't have a release date yet, so we'll just have to sit here cackling, "We'll get you my pretty! Er...sometime in the near future."

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