There’s Something Especially Disturbing About Dr. Pimple Popper’s Latest Video

Warning: If you’re about to eat, or just finished eating, save this video for later. You'll thank us, because in her latest video, Dr. Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper, is at it again — this time freeing a shockingly large blackhead. But here’s the rub: The blackhead to be extracted is located on the patient’s eyelid. That’s right — eyelid! As in, the thinnest-skinned, most sensitive place on the face. Sit down for this one. Dr. Lee begins the delicate extraction by numbing the area with a needle to the lid. Youch! Straight out the gate, our empathy meter for this guy just went through the charts. Next, she uses tweezers to try to free the blackhead. To no avail.
“I’m probably going to use my fingers to squeeze this. Because it’s such a sensitive area, I can’t really grab any instrument,” she says, after lancing the area with a pin-tipped instrument. Even though he’s numbed, the patient has a tough time not tensing up — and so do we. But after trying to grab the area with her fingers, Lee discovers that the patient’s eyes are too deep-set to get a good grip, so with tweezers in hand, she tugs at the three-year-old blackhead to pull out the gunk, then takes scissors to the growth, snipping the exterior. When all is said and done and the pore’s contents are fully removed, the client’s eyelid is freed from oil and silk protein the size of a Skittle. See every stomach-churning development in the video above, and make a few extra minutes to deep-clean and exfoliate tonight. Related Links:
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