Think Your Fam’s Dysfunctional? These Clans Have You Beat For Sure

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
You can love your family and also understand that, objectively speaking, they are a total shit show. But, no matter what level of dysfunction your family displays when they're all cooped up together, there is comfort to be found in the fact that there is always another clan that is more of a mess than yours could ever be. Even if that family isn't technically real.
We've pulled together a collection of the most dysfunctional clans from TV and the movies. And I have to say: I felt a lot better after doing it. Because this year, when I barricade myself in the water closet for a brief sob fest after my cousin says something snide, I'll do it remembering that there are plenty of fucked up families I'm lucky not to belong to.
Happy holidays, folks.

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