There May Be Multiple Starbucks Red Holiday Cup Designs

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Friends, 'tis officially the season for the great Starbucks holiday cup debate. And much like the presidential debate and election in general, the hits just keep coming. (Take care of yourselves out there.) First, we caught a peek of what was presumed to be the coffee giant's new red holiday cup design, which, thankfully for traditionalists everywhere, appeared to have abandoned last year's controversial plain-red ombré design in favor or a more festive assemblage of holly leaves, berries, and birds. Then, the chain debuted limited-edition green cups meant to celebrate unity, and, oh, some people just did not like that at all. Stephen Colbert even weighed in on the absurdity, pretending to get God on the line — only to be told by the faux higher power that "people need to lighten up." But now, it seems all of this fretting over Starbucks new holiday cup design may have been a bit immature premature, because there are more cup designs to come. At least eight in total, if the pictures of new Starbucks red holiday cups popping up all over social media are any indication. In addition to the holly leaves, berries, and birds we've already seen, there appear to be Christmas lights and reindeer.

Apparently it's that time of year again #starbucksredcup #averystarbuckschristmas #yqr #baristalife

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There are ornaments.

I'm legit offended the cup is not "just" red this year....jk haha ? #starbucks #starbucksredcup #peppermintmocha

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There are multiple varieties of snow-covered trees (and birds).

It's that time of year again ☺️ #starbucksredcup #starbucks

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There's a candy-cane wreath.

I'll just leave this here... #redcupseason #starbucksredcup

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There's even a little love, joy, and Santa Claus.

First #starbucksredcup of the season! I ❤️ the way they do Christmas ?

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Behold them here, lined up in all their Christmas glory.
Now, Starbucks is surely hoping the biggest issue anyone will have with these options is simply picking a favorite.

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