Stephen Colbert Nails The Absurdity Of Starbucks’ Holiday Cup Outrage

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Stephen Colbert took time during his show last night to weigh in on this week's hot topic. No, we're not talking about the upcoming presidential election, even though, of course, Colbert covers that, too. We are talking about the outrage over Starbucks' latest holiday cup design. In case you've been focused on other things (like that upcoming election), let's catch up. This year's cup is green and has an intricate drawing using a single continuous line. Apparently, green isn't Christmas-y enough for some people and their peppermint mochas. Last year, the cups were red, but people were upset that there weren't any holiday decorations on the simple, monochromatic cup. Those outraged by the holiday cups are a fickle bunch, indeed. Starbucks says the line drawing on this year's green cup is meant to symbolize unity. Colbert is on-board with the artwork. As he says, what could symbolize Starbucks more than "a line that goes on forever"? During the bit on his show, Colbert highlights a few of the over-the-top tweets blasting the design. People don't like green. Some claim the message of unity is too political. Another says, "This is ugly. I want snowflakes." Colbert takes the controversy to, shall we say, a higher authority, pretending to get God on the line. The deity's take on all of the outrage? "People need to lighten up," he says to Colbert. Plus, Starbucks promises that red cups are coming, just in case Colbert hasn't calmed your caffeine-jangled nerves.

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