Traditionalists Will Be Very Happy With Starbucks Holiday Cups

It's that time of the year again: when Starbucks reveals their holiday cup design. Actually, it's the time of year when someone else leaks what this season's holiday cups will look like. While the coffee giant's signature red cups aren't slated to make their bona fide debut until November 10, one rogue employee, Reddit user DasUberSquid, posted a photo of what appears to be this year's celebratory design, reports Business Insider. This early reveal was done despite the colorful stickers reading "no peeking" that are currently covering the boxes of holiday cups lining Starbucks stores nationwide.
Last year, the coffee mainstay stirred up quite the controversy with their plain red ombré cup design. The controversial move was not well-received in 2015, with some claiming that this was their attempt to erase Christmas by removing the various holiday regalia that had adorned the seasonal cups in years past. This did not, however, ultimately hurt holiday sales which were higher than ever, according to January earnings. But in what appears to be a return to Starbucks' signature holiday style, the new red cups are covered in an abstract assemblage of holly leaves, berries, and birds.

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