The Latest Starbucks Controversy Proves That People Will Get Mad About ANYTHING

There are plenty of things to be angry about in this world, from the very real, serious stuff going on in the news, all the way down to the fact that you can’t get Dunkaroos in the United States. Then, like a beacon of light, Starbucks holiday cups appear to heal a broken world.
This year, it seems the Seattle-based chain is releasing not one, but two limited-edition cups. To kick things off, it's starting with green cups meant to celebrate unity. Not surprisingly, the internet has found a way to get upset about such a nice sentiment.
Why, you ask, are these unity-themed cups so objectionable? For every possible offense — like not being red, and of course, the fact that Starbucks is engaging in "political brainwashing."
For anyone waking up from a 2,000-year coma, green, like red, is a Christmas color. Honestly, we're happy to drink peppermint mochas out of just about anything. But for those who might be worried by this new development, never fear — it looks like the red cups are still coming. While we're already girding ourselves to see how people will find ways to be outraged about those cups, too, our cold hearts were warmed to see that the unity cups are already achieving their goal. A Twitter user identifying herself as a Republican evangelical had this following exchange with Twitter user @EvilLiberalPig, and it was downright civil.
In these divisive times, it's good to know we can all come together over one thing: caffeine.

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