We Found You A Dress For Every Occasion

Just as afternoon skies begin to darken this time of year, so do our wardrobes. But maybe the trick to overcoming seasonal doldrums isn't matching our outfits to our chilly moods. Maybe, the trick is to wear clothes so colorful, they'll warm us up from the outside in.
This seems to be the message that Pinterest is sending, at least. When we reached out to mine the image database for the top-pinned dress styles of the season, color was clearly key. Yes, there were a few LBDs in the mix, and very cozy-looking gray sweater dresses, but the color that kept popping up over and over was red in all shades. Bright orange-y red, juicy cranberry, bold burgundy, you name it.
We rounded up the top 14 dress styles on Pinterest right this moment — and some shoppable options available online, too. From coy off-the-shoulder frocks to mod and minimalist shifts, we've got every style you need to be well-dressed for the rest of the year, and beyond.