Glossier Launched A Lip Gloss — & We Tried It First

Update: Chic, sleek, and minimal: That's how we would describe the Glossier holiday set we stumbled across five months ago. The three-product package included a pink nail polish, the famous Haloscope in Moonstone, and a clear gloss. Last month, Moonstone was made a permanent part of the famed brand's collection — and now, the clear gloss is following suit.
But a lip gloss is just gloss, right? Wrong. Our beauty director Cat Quinn had a chance to try the stuff first during a breakfast last year with founder Emily Weiss. "Even though I was quite literally sitting across from the founder of Glossier, I didnt have to feign excitement. That shit was good," she said. "It was thick and glossy, reminiscent of those juicy tubes you loved in middle school. And my lips were so soft and visibly plumper. Had she not taken it back [that morning], I would have hidden it in my own bag before our eggs came."
Sounds like this lip gloss was worth the wait.
This story was originally published on November 1, 2016.
Glossier, the direct-to-consumer brand, has captured the hearts of beauty-lovers everywhere with its simple formulas and minimalist packaging. Its Boy Brow gel, Super Bounce serum, and Haloscope highlighter are the sorts of staples you want to keep on hand at all times. Well, today the company dropped four new products as part of its holiday collection — and they are fancy.
The limited-edition Black Tie Box Set is exactly what the title implies: a dressed-up kit of beauty products, perfect for all those holiday parties. It includes a creamy, black pencil eyeliner; a high-shine, clear lip gloss; a pale-pink nail polish; and — here's what we're most excited for — one Haloscope highlighter in an exclusive new alabaster shade.
Photo: Courtesy of Glossier.
The collection comes wrapped up in a bow — a black satin ribbon, to be worn however you please. (The company has suggested tying it on as a choker — a novel idea, considering the choker trend isn't going anywhere.) Plus, these fancy offerings will make you feel like a million bucks — for just $50. How's that for a holiday deal?
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