Miniskirts Aren’t Just For After Hours Anymore

We're not sure when exactly it happened, but somewhere between 2014 and now, I traded in my minis for skirts with hemlines that hover closer to my calves or ankles. For me, the greatest appeal of a midi is that it's functional and fancy. Unlike many other types of skirts, I thought they worked as well for daytime as they do for nighttime. But recently, I came to the realization that it's not just that midis are great — it's that I was just too blind to recognize how great other types of skirts could be, too. After my mini epiphany, I realized that miniskirts can pull off the same switcheroo as midis.
With the omnipresent DGAF attitude that's been dictating fashion, we're thinking of miniskirts less as the going-out piece to wear to the club and more of the cool-girl piece to pair with a hoodie and a pair of boots in the daytime. It's time to stop boxing your miniskirts into the nighttime-only category.
How should you integrate tiny skirts into your day wardrobe? Plan your outfits like you would. Then, swap out your go-to casual bottoms (like jeans or cropped trousers) for a miniskirt last-minute. The contrast between bare legs and chunky sweaters will usually create a strong look, even if the skirt is somewhat plain.

If you're still not convinced to go mini, pop on a pair of tights underneath or go for a more structured skirt that is less likely to fly anywhere should a gusty wind happen upon you. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find 15 miniskirts to wear right now — and solid ways to style them. Get out there and show off those gams before it gets too cold.