Everywhere You Can Buy A Last-Minute Halloween Costume

What's scarier than Freddy Krueger? The fact that it's October 26 and you still don't have a Halloween costume. Forget all the excuses you've given — pure laziness, uncertain plans, being roped into a last-minute fete — now's the time to panic. The thought of shopping through the picked-over bins at your local Halloween pop-up sounds worse than just going as Alice in Wonderland for the third year in a row. And while it seems you're only other option might be a go at D.I.Y.-ing a clever costume, we're happy to inform you that you still have a choice that doesn't involve hot glue guns: online shopping.
Thankfully, retailers know our shopping habits better than our own BFFS. With the Halloween weekend only a few days away, any site with affordable — or even better, free — two-day and overnight shipping deserves its own bag of treats. Ahead, we've found the best sites that cater to last-minute shoppers. Time to RSVP "yes" to this weekend's Facebook invites.

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