Whole Foods, AubRih, & More Merch We Wish Existed

"Merch" has to be one of 2016's most buzz-worthy terms — and overall concepts. Whether you blame its rise to popularity on Justin Bieber, Kanye West, or Rihanna, it happened, and the world hasn't been able to escape logo'd-out hoodies and cult graphic tees over the last 12 months. Seemingly everyone is getting in on the craze, with clothing booths infiltrating everywhere from fashion shows to your local drugstore.
All this talk, of course, got us thinking about the labels, stores, and people that don't have branded merchandise, but should. We've seen our share of skater brands and metal bands (here's looking at you, Thrasher and Metallica), but it's time for some low-key, more unexpected labels to get in on the madness. If DHL could have its moment thanks to Vetements, why can't the United States Postal Service?
That's why, we teamed up with illustrator Blake Wright to imagine the merch we wish existed. Click through to see the items we'd like to buy (if only they were real), and let us know in the comments below what logos you'd like to see splashed all over some gear in the near future.