Sick Of Your Wardrobe? These Are The New Brands For You

Shopping fatigue is real. You know the feeling: You just got paid (cue: Rihanna's #BBHMM here) and you're ready to hit up your favorite stores for some guilt-free retail therapy. Then it hits: You find yourself wandering the floor, sifting through the racks, and feeling completely uninspired. There's one top that looks like five you already own, some shoes that are cute to look at but 100% impossible to walk in, and a whole new rack of items that leave you wondering what the hell the designer was even thinking.
No matter how ready you are to spend some hard-earned cash, you realized you're just plain sick of the same old brands. Sure, you may still leave J.Crew or Zara with a new item or two in a moment of last-minute panic, but when's the last time you actually felt excited about a new label discovery or a super-unique purchase? Exactly. It's time to re-route your shopping habits.
Using the stores you already know and love as a starting point, we've rounded up 15 indie labels you should get acquainted with. You owe it to yourself to score something you love, and we have a feeling the brands ahead will help you do just that.

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