Keeping Up With The Kardashians Episode 18 Recap: Lord Disick

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Lord Disick is back. Scott Disick’s alter-ego has been mostly absent since the man cleaned up his act. On this week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé and Kris pulled the “LD” flag out of storage to cheer Scott up while Kourtney and the kids were away on vacation. The Lord isn’t the only recurring character on this week. Rob Kardashian pops up, showing us the other side of his ‘no-show’ to his grandmother’s birthday party in San Diego. Kendall even makes a cameo appearance at the day-after trip to the racetrack.
Scott is still struggling, like in last week’s episode, with Kourtney and the kids’ absence. “I’m just feeling super alone,” he explains to Khloé. He says he gets upset when memories are happening, and he isn’t there to be a part of it. Kris, Kim, and Khloé suggest the return of the Lord, partly to distract him but partly because they miss some of Scott’s antics. “The last that I remember that Scott was fun and silly was when he was the Lord,” Khloé says. So the old car flags and canes come out of a closet at Kris’s house to cheer Scott up. For his part, Scott isn’t completely sold on the Lord coming back. “I never knew you wanted the Lord back so bad. I always thought he was on the annoying side,” he says, but then admits that seeing his things does feel pretty good. Plans are underway for the birthday party for M.J., Kris’s mother. Rob pays lip service to his mom and sisters about going to San Diego for the party, but it’s obvious (especially if you’ve already seen this all play out this season on Rob & Chyna) that he’s going to be a no-show. Khloé, like always, tries to shake him out of it. “Rob, you said you were going to come. It’s your grandmother’s 82nd birthday. How could you not come?” she says. Lord Disick, meanwhile, has flown to London in search of a new ride. He’s taking his newfound, old self to heart. He’s shopping for jets because that’s exactly what every mild-manned family man needs. He and his friend spend the day at the airshow checking out all types of aircraft. Scott settles on a celebrity favorite. “A Lord wouldn’t fly in anything less than a Gulfstream,” he says. Kim and Khloé are still trying to figure out Rob’s reluctance to go to San Diego. He has repeatedly said that he doesn’t have anything to wear. Solutions to “nothing to wear” are Kim’s specialty as we saw last week when she styled Caitlyn for the ESPYS. Kim calls Rob and tells him she will have a stylist pull clothes for him, suitable for the dinner and the trip to Del Mar the next day. Cars are so over. Now, it's all about planes. At least that’s what Scott tells Kim when he returns from London. This is not the Lord they were looking for when the red standard was raised at Kris’s house. Kim’s concerned he’s taking this whole thing too far. The clothes from the stylist arrive at Rob’s house, but it makes no difference. Khloé can’t even get him to try anything on. He says nothing will fit anyway, so why even bother. He’s sticking with his basketball shorts. The writing for San Diego is on the wall, in bright, bold colors pulled by a Hollywood stylist. The drama escalates with Rob when Kim discovers that her brother has deleted all of the pictures of Chyna from his social media. The internet is claiming that Rob and Chyna have broken up. Rob’s pulled a runner, and he’s clearing his social media deck. Kim calls Chyna to see what is going on. Chyna theorizes that, even though she and Rob have had a fight, he just didn’t want to go to San Diego and he will blame it all on her.
Back from Nantucket, Kourtney, Scott, Mason, and Penelope charter a small propeller plane to fly to San Diego. Kim and Khloé spend their time playing with North as their car makes its way down the freeway. They agree that the Lord’s fascination with private aviation is going too far. They’ve created a monster. “I just wanted a little fun,” Khloé says. Rob is, indeed, a no-show at M.J.’s birthday party. Everyone, including her potential grandmother-in-law, appreciates Chyna’s presence. “It’s nice that she’s making an effort,” Scott says, the only one who knows what it is like to be the outsider in this tight family unit. Kris is disappointed in her son, just like she always is when he misses a family event, but she stays positive because it is her mother’s birthday. During dinner, everyone at the table with a smartphone realizes that Rob has blocked them...all of them. “That’s how he’s been for the last three years,” Kim says, trying to explain or rationalize or just empathize with Chyna. To turn the tide on the Lord’s excessive behaviors, Kim and Khloé make a joke out of the whole thing. They give Scott an even higher title, Duke Disick, complete with a new family crest. Scott takes the hint, but also the new title. He appreciates the fact that they noticed he was in a funk, but he’s not quite ready to let go of the Lord just yet. He opts for Lord version 2.0, a calmer, less-extreme Lord. When they get back to L.A., Rob reappears from his lost weekend in Las Vegas. His sisters, mostly Kim and Khloé because Kourtney is still in Nantucket vacation mode, want some answers. He points to his fight with Chyna, just as Chyna predicted, as his reason for not going to San Diego. The blocking? That’s because his sisters are too dramatic. Right. Because they disappear all the time and block everyone and delete the photos from their Instagrams.
The Rob drama is old news, and the Lord Disick drama is standard fare. The best thing about this episode was Kim taking the time to learn how to braid North’s hair. Say what you will, and some will certainly call foul, but Kim seemed honestly upset about not being able to do her daughter’s hair. “As her mom, I don’t want to have to tell her that I don’t know how to do her hair,” Kim says to her friend. So instead of just hiring someone, she takes the time to visit a professional stylist and admits that she needs help. Kim practices on a hairdresser’s mannequin at home until she can pull off some passable braids. (During the trip to San Diego, Kim kept waiting for someone to be impressed. She’s probably still waiting.) “Everything with parenting takes time,” Kim says, stating the obvious of course, but sometimes those are the most genuine things heard on the show. Practice and patience and keep learning. Those are Kim Kardashian West’s keys to the mom game. Now if she could only get Rob out of that Dodgers hat.

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