Kris Jenner Got Mad At Michael Bublé For The Same Thing Kanye Did To Taylor Swift

Five years ago, Michael Bublé learned a Hollywood lesson the hard way: Never speak ill of Kris Jenner's progeny — even in jest. Bublé experienced the wrath of the fearsome matriarch firsthand after he made a joke about one of her daughters — and a certain sex tape — during one of his concerts in 2011. "[Kris] gave me a ton of shit for a joke I made about Kim Kardashian," Bublé told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Thursday night. "I was on stage and I made a joke. It was just after the tape, the Ray J thing. I said, 'Ladies and gentleman, please welcome to the stage Miss Kim Kardashian.' And so they all thought she was coming. I was joking and she wasn't," Bublé said. "Then I was like, 'No, I'm just messing with you.' And I said, 'That bitch is never coming on my stage. Because she didn't put me in that video.' I said, 'I'm so jealous of Ray J.'" Get this: Jenner wasn't upset with the musician for bringing up her daughter's infamous sex tape. She was miffed that he called her the b-word. "All that her mom read was that I called her a 'bitch,'" recalled the 41-year-old. "I guess they weren't happy about it." According to Bublé, he and Jenner have since patched things up. But before we close this chapter in minor celebrity spats, let's all take a moment to appreciate the tremendous irony of this situation. Jenner got mad at Bublé for casually referring to her daughter as a "bitch." Now, why does this tiff feel so familiar? Well, remember that time when Kim and her hubby Kanye West got into a very public argument with Taylor Swift? Earlier this year, Swift aired her grievances with Kanye for calling her a "bitch" in his "Famous" lyrics. ("I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.") Kind of ironic, right? Yet something tells me Kris wouldn't see it that way. In any case, we bet Mr. Bublé is glad to be back in the family's good graces now. Check out his interview, below.

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