Chanel-O-Ween Is Ruined in Scream Queens Episode 4

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Bring out the Ouija board, because it's finally Halloween eve on Scream Queens season 2. "Halloween Blues," is one of the most spot-on pop culture-relevant episodes of the series, ever. We got Ivanka Trump, Ivana Trump, American Beauty, Brokeback Mountain, Ryan Lochte's hair, Hamilton, and Isis. Phew. The writers managed to cram a year's worth of references into one hour-long episode. Of course, with all these treats come a few tricks. It is the Halloween episode after all. Spoilers ahead. After Chad Radwell's (Glen Powell) corpse falls on top of Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) in the chapel ruining their crash wedding, it's clear that the Green Meanie is diverging from his (or her) original pattern of victims. Originally the Meanie was just killing patients of the C.U.R.E. Institute in what Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer) assumed retaliation for the 1986 murder of the killer's parents. But now it seems that something even more sinister is happening when the killer starts to attack more than just the people being cared for. In this episode alone, the killer manages to attack two main characters: Denise Hemphill (Niecey Nash) and Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin), possibly killing both. That no-good slimy monster might have even succeeded in bringing down the Denise Hemphill after throwing red punch on her and then electrocuting her three times with a defibrillator. If Denise does pass, maybe she and her true love Chad (seriously, they used to roleplay together and it's weird but awesome) can finally be together in heaven? Speaking of heaven, Dean Munsch is the only character to have come out on top in this episode. We find out that Munsch has not only been sleeping with the hot Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos), but she also is the sole recipient of all of Chad's inheritance in his will. It's not disclosed exactly how much that is (the options varied from "George Clooney E.R." rich to "George Clooney Oceans Eleven and Casamigos" rich), but it's enough to make Chanel go completely mental when she finds out. So with Munsch getting both the money and the man, does this mean that she's maybe in cahoots with the killer? The only thing that keeps that theory from ringing true is that Munsch herself has also been attacked by the slime monster. Chanel No. 5 is also literally stabbed in the back, which is ironic since Chanel figuratively stabs her in the back every damn day. The running joke is that Chanel No. 5 and her smelly Lululemon leggings are behind all the murders because she's just an unhappy wench, but maybe now she'll finally be able to find a little sympathy (and a neck brace) after her brutal beatdown. On a lighter note, we got to see Chanel show off her giving side with a 2016 celebration of the world-renowned and internationally celebrated holiday: Chanel-O-Ween. Since Chanel is mourning the loss of her almost-husband, as well as coping with the news that Chad loved Denise more than her, she felt it necessary to be even nastier to her fans than normal. This year, she kindly chose to send them all pieces of real dead bodies and extracted bodily fluids that she stole from the institute's morgue. Ugh, she's such a giver. In her words: Here are “presents for my disgusting hippo fans.” In addition to disgusting presents being dropped on people's front doorsteps, some subtle clues about what's to come were left like breadcrumbs throughout the episode. First, it seems like Hester (Lea Michele) is running amok through the halls of the institute after convincing Denise to let her out of her Hannibal Lecter-like confinement for Halloween (when she then dresses up in the creepiest Ivanka Trump mask ever). No one knows that it's her under the mask, nor is anyone looking for her. The crazy bitch is totally out of her cell for good and ready to wreak havoc on all her former friends and foes. Second, Dr. Holt and Dean Munsch are acting fishy. It's revealed by Chad's lawyer that all his money is going to Munsch. What did Munsch promise him in order to make him do that? And if Holt has dreams of becoming a bigshot doctor, and Munsch has a lot of seems like there's a scheme or two up their sleeves.
A Quick Moment Of Appreciation
I would like to take a moment to shout-out the rad costume ideas provided by this episode of Scream Queens. Listed below are all prime examples of what to be this Halloween. 1. Hester as Jason Voorhees, iconic murderer from the Friday The 13th series, and Ivanka Trump, white power suit and all. 2. Denise as Chad Radwell’s wife (she wears Chanel's wedding dress), and later as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones.

3. Chanel as Smurfette. 4. Dr. Holt as "The script of Batman v Superman" aka “ a bloody mess." 5. Zayday as Isis, a goddess of Ancient Egypt. 6. Chanel No. 2 (Billie Lourd) as death, in preparation for her relationship with the deceased Dr. Cassidy Cascade. 7. Dr. Cascade as Ryan Lochte with blue/green hair. 8. Dean Munsch as Lin-Manuel Miranda in "Hamilton."

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