Chad Is Back & He’s Naked In Scream Queens Ep 2 “Warts and All”

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Billie Lourd as Chanel No. 2 and Emma Roberts as Chanel No. 1.
The C.U.R.E. Institution Hospital is slimier, deadlier, and sexier than last week. And the closer we get to Halloween, we can surely expect things to only get scarier. This season's second episode, "Warts and All," brought us three new illnesses, two sets of six-packs, one creepy hand, and a heap of dead bodies from a hospital massacre. What a time to be alive! Or, at least, try to stay alive. It was all about building alliances, and recognizing enemies in the hospital this week. A noteworthy difference between season 1 and season 2 is that everyone seems to finally be a little smarter. Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer) is trying to figure out who the killer is and even looking up some cold hard facts about the hospital in the local paper. Chanel No. 1 (Emma Roberts) is finally getting over Chad Radwell (Glen Powell). Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) is working on her love life. Dean Cathy Munch (Jamie Lee Curtis) has really elevated her ass-kicking skills. Oh, and Hester (Lea Michele) is back and crazier than ever. She also apparently knows who the killer is or she's making it all up in order to get out of her high-security confinement and back into the Chanels' lives. Either way, it looks like she's about to be the newest patient at the hospital. Maybe the green killer will whack her off and take care of that? Nah. Wishful thinking.
Most "Oh My Gauze" moments:

Chanel No. 1's scary movie make-out session with Dr. Brock Holt (John Stamos). The budding romance between Chamberlain the Candy Striper (James Earl) and the truth-seeking Zayday. Nurse Hoffel's (Kirstie Alley) casual substance abuse. The naked shower scene featuring both Dr. Holt and Chad. And abs. Lots of abs. Chanel No. 5 almost finds love (with guest star Colton Haynes as Tyler, a wart-covered bubble boy who used to be hot) and experiences a grade-a public meltdown: "I'm sorry I freaked out a little bit. I stopped taking my meds." Dr. Munsch finally reveals why she started the hospital. She thinks she's dying from a mysterious disease and her only chance at survival is using the hospital to find a cure. Dr. Munsch's completely epic martial arts beatdown on the slimy killer until she is interrupted by Chanel No. 2 (Billie Lourd) and Dr. Cassidy Cascasde (Taylor Lautner). "When someone is about to pull the mask off a serial killer...NOT THE TIME TO DISTRACT THEM WITH A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS" she screams at them in response. Thank God someone finally said it. Hester's sinister Hannibal Lecter vibes. Zayday breaking the news to Dr. Munsch that she has less than a year to live, leaving us to wonder who Munsch will leave the hospital — in all its gory glory — to (or what's left of it). The killer using the same laser machine that was originally purchased to cure Tyler, to kill him, in an especially dark twist.
What we know about the green meanie: They definitely got their revenge on the hospital staff by massacring them all on October 31, 1986. They have amazing knife-throwing precision. They have a great costume. They've already killed a LOT of characters. They always leave behind a trail of green slime. They know how to use the equipment in the hospital and an assortment of weapons (but mostly knives).
Questions we still have:

Could Dr. Holt accidentally be the killer because of his uncontrollable hand? Is Munsch low-key a cannibal? Is Nurse Hoffel going to get caught for stealing all those meds? Is Chanel No. 5 about to reach her breaking point? Who will win this handsome contest between Chad and Dr. Holt?
Scream Queens returns on October 11.

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