Hillary Clinton “Feels Really Bad” For Kim Kardashian, Loves SNL Trump

Hillary Clinton has probably never felt so relaxed in her life. She's in the home stretch of one of the most important Presidential campaigns of our lifetimes, and she took a few minutes to answer questions about pop culture on Extra. Her reaction to the mere mention of Saturday night: peals of laughter. Of course, the host wanted to know about her thoughts on the fake debate between Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on SNL. Clinton was particularly a fan of Baldwin's Trump. “Perfect," she said. "I can’t wait to see what else they're going to do. His look, his scowling, his staring down then muttering his response, he was perfect. I don’t know who is going to show up at the next debate Sunday night.” That's the type of response you give when your opponent's tax returns leak, revealing he lost nearly a billion dollars in a single year. It's also the type of response you give when your opponent's VP candidate spends the duration of his debate denying basic reality. Or, it could be the type of response you give when your opponent is so stupid he insults veterans suffering from PTSD. Any one of those three, really. Clinton also had some time to sympathize with Kim Kardashian after Kardashian's robbery. She commended Kanye for rushing to be with his wife. "I felt really bad for her,” Clinton said. "He was in the middle of the concert and he ran offstage, bless his heart. I’m just glad nobody was hurt.” And Clinton knows about loyalty to her husband. That's unlike people that pose as their own publicist and feed tabloids stories bragging about cheating on their spouse. But we're sure Donald Trump wouldn't know anything about that. Watch below.

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