We’ve Rounded Up The Best (& Funniest) Tweets From The Only VP Debate

Twitter isn't in quite the frenzy it had been over last week's presidential showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but that's definitely not to say there's nothing to see here, folks. Between Tim Kaine's notorious dad humor and Mike Pence's premature victory lap, social media had a lot to work with in advance of Tuesday night's vice presidential debate. Even the candidates' supposed "boringness" was fodder for hilarity. Social media dubbed the debate the #ThrillaInVanilla well in advance.
But there was plenty more to the debate. What appeared to be a flub from the Republican National Committee in posting stories declaring Pence the winner an hour and change before the debate even began drew some on-point Back to the Future references.
Many more joined in the fun.
Moderator Elaine Quijano got some love for her refusal to be interrupted or talked over.
And Mike Pence seemed destined to become a meme for a few turns of phrase that...didn't quite turn out the way he probably intended.
Others were unamused by Pence's use of the phrase "that Mexican thing" in reference to some of Donald Trump's previous comments on Mexican immigrants.
And of course, the presidential candidates themselves couldn't resist weighing in, as for once they weren't the ones in the hot seat.

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