A 6th Grader Was Penalized For This Supposedly Inappropriate Skirt

Yet another puzzling school dress code violation has transpired. This time around, a 12-year-old's denim skirt is the source of controversy. Reese Franyo, a sixth grader in South Carolina, was pulled from class, because her skirt was deemed too short. Reese's mother, Suzie Webster, shared a photo of the outfit on Facebook, along with a detailed outline of what went down. She says a teacher told her daughter the outfit was more suited for "clubbing" than going to class. The play-by-play also includes Webster's initial trepidation about posting about the incident at all. She also underscores how frustrating the situation was, since she, a mother of three daughters, is usually a "very laid-back, super chill mom, who tends to let her girls fight their own battles."
Ironically, the tween had already worn the incriminating skirt multiple times since the beginning of the school year. Plus, the skirt she was wearing did, in fact, adhere to the school's hemline rule (in that it landed exactly five inches above her knees, her mother asserts). As for Webster's response to the clubbing comment: "I don't know too many women who wear a boxy T-shirt and an A-line preppy denim skirt to go clubbing. Perhaps it was her scandalous ankle boots." Reese had to call her mother from the school's office to ask her to bring pants to change into in order to attend the rest of the day. Webster's post clearly struck a nerve: It's garnered over 200 comments and over 1,000 shares. "Good for you for standing up for your daughter," one Facebook user commented. "She will learn to stand up for herself by watching you!! I hope the principal and the teacher see and read this post!!! That way they can feel the absolute shame and humiliation (they inflicted) [and] they deserve!" So, if it's not a salaciously exposed collarbone that will land you in the principal's office, it's a for-some-reason offensive (yet up to dress code) skirt. Here's further evidence, as if we really needed any more, that school dress codes and uniforms continue to be an incredibly controversial part of going to school these days — at least for girls.

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