You Won’t Recognize Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Torres With Her Buzzcut

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If the rise of Ruby Rose has reminded us of anything, it’s that girls with shaved haircuts tend to be some of the most striking women in the room. The style pops up more frequently from time to time on models like Ruth Bell, singers (see: Miley), and your local badass. But actresses usually opt to take a hard pass on the look (they get paid way too much to eff with those contracts, yo).

this is the day I shaved my head for the first time for #strangerthings #firstphoto #alteregojohn

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So when we saw Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez sport a brand-new buzz cut on Instagram this week, we were immediately smitten. Ramirez joins the ranks of Jada Pinkett Smith and Gina Rodriguez, who in the past few years have hit us with edgy, shaved hairstyles. And the world is hungry for more. The New York Times recently dubbed women with completely-shaved heads as being on trend, while a writer at The Cut cited a completely practical reason for picking up the clippers — humidity. Whatever the case, we’re all for the Eleven-effect — and network TV actresses leading the way.

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