Chokers Will Still Be Big For Fall, If Shay Mitchell Has Anything To Do With It

Photo: Courtesy of Bauble Bar.
If you thought you were late to the choker trend, fear not: Neck-hugging necklaces will still be having a moment this fall, at least according to BaubleBar's latest collaboration. The jewelry brand worked with Shay Mitchell as a guest "bartender" (a.k.a. collaborator) this season. The Pretty Little Liars star joins the ranks of Olivia Palermo, Emma Roberts, Coco Rocha, and other stylish folks that have worked with the brand on sparkly, Instagram-like-accruing pieces. (Mitchell knows a thing or two about that: She had the most popular #OOTD on the platform last year.)

Mitchell's favorite item from the 26-piece collection happens to be a crystal-heavy choker, not only because it reminds her of her grandmother's jewelry box, but also because of its versatility factor. "I love a choker because it can be dressed up with a dress or dressed down with a t-shirt and jean shorts," Mitchell told Refinery29. (Watch out for that very combo on Mitchell's feed, y'all.)
The collaboration isn't all-embellished, all-chokers-everything, though. "I really wanted to make sure there was something for everybody," she explained, regarding why she went against her personal instinct to gravitate towards bold statement pieces and decided to include more delicate trinkets. "Ideally, the customer wants to mix and match the pieces to what fits her needs. [There are] pieces that people could wear every day to work, like the delicate stud earrings or rings, and then something that's a bit more daring, like the warrior bib." (Mitchell told us she can't leave the house without an assortment of rings on her fingers, so she'll likely be shopping all ends of the collaboration.)
Mitchell previously collaborated with Quay Australia on a line of statement sunglasses, and with Kohl's on an athleisure range. Many celebs have wide-ranging pair-up portfolios; in Mitchell's case, it speaks to her personal style motto, which Mitchell explains is to "go with the flow." Still, the actress is clearly on the pulse of trends. "Each opportunity to collaborate and design something new is so exciting and something I take really seriously," she said. Her preferred form of preparation? "I'm big fan of creating mood and Pinterest boards in the early stages of planning," she said.
Now, would Emily (Mitchell's character on Pretty Little Liars for six years) dig this collaboration? Seeing as her and her on-screen counterpart's style "couldn't be more different," maybe not. The stark difference between her own wardrobe and that of the person she portrays on television does have its perks, Mitchell said. "I'm probably the most girly, feminine girl on the cast — think floral dresses all day, everyday — so being able to throw on a flannel and jeans and usually sneakers as Emily is a nice change of pace," Mitchell has even inherited a few of Emily's flannels along the way, which look pretty good with all of Shay's BaubleBar chokers.
Ahead, check out the range in full.

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