Listen To These Women Embrace Parts Of Their Body They Learned To Love

Photo: Courtesy of Les Mijotés.
The last time you saw a group of models coming together for a common cause was probably for a selfie or to maybe board a yacht — which is all fancy and fun — but isn't it even more gratifying to see them use their followings to help other women feel good about themselves? Models Charli Howard and Clémentine Desseaux are here with the #IAmAllWoman campaign that is the answer to your calls for representation.
In an editorial that stands on its own (primarily because magazines only just started to feature women of all body shapes), the un-retouched campaign is a do-good project from a group of models whose aim is to normalize the idea that all bodies are created equal, and should be treated as such.
“Rather than photoshopping our bodies and our flaws, we've chosen to highlight and embrace them," Howard says in the official press release. "We may be models, but we all have cellulite, stretch marks, and other flaws that make us women (but which society teaches us to be ashamed of). This campaign is designed to unify women around the globe — proving that we are #AllWoman, regardless of how society and the media often makes us feel."
If you keep up with those fronting the body positivity movement, you might notice a few familiar faces on board: Barbie Ferreira (one of our 29 Under 20), singer Leaf, social media queen Iskra Lawrence, model and TV personality Denise Bidot, and model Elliott Sailors, among others.
To change an entire industry's mind takes time, even if the concept is as simple and positive as this one, so there's still work to be done. (It's one thing for brands to say "This is the plus-size section (by the tires)," and a much more desirable thing when they say "We carry sizes 00 to 24," without qualification.) The #IAmAllWoman project is body-positive fire in the face of casting directors and internet trolls who perpetrate unrealistic expectations of women. But most importantly, it's a signal to women across the world to say, Hey, we see you, and we're more alike than you think.
Ahead, Howard and Desseaux shared exclusive behind-the-scenes polaroids with Refinery29, accompanied by a component of the hashtag's message, answered by the models themselves: "As I'm getting older, I've learnt to appreciate my body because..." So, what's your answer? Share your responses in the comments below, and check out the rest of the campaign here.

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