All The Trends Kim Kardashian Tried To Bring Back This Summer

I follow more Kardashian-Jenner fan accounts on Instagram than I'd like to admit (hi, @teamkimye, @bound2west, and @noriwestsource). And while it may be for personal enjoyment, it's also for professional research — how else can one possibly keep up with every outfit Kim Kardashian wears?
It was through these channels that I realized the 35-year-old reality star-turned-most-famous-woman-ever (yes, that is my own definition) was sporting an array of trends this summer that most people haven't dared to bring back into rotation. While so many in and out of the industry are still looking toward the grunge and oversized silhouettes of the '90s, Kimmy was taking things one step further, resurrecting pieces like acid wash jeans and bodycon dresses, pieces that so many people had sworn to never wear again. And you know what? She made every. single. one. of these questionable items look pretty damn amazing. Am I biased? Probably. But one click through the outfits ahead and you might just agree.

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