Why We Can’t Wait For Nick Viall To Be The Bachelor

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Reactions to the news that Nick Viall will soon be the next Bachelor have been mixed. Chad Johnson, for one, is not that impressed, while nemesis Josh Murray seems genuinely pleased. So does ex Kaitlyn Bristowe. Twitter, meanwhile, seems split down the middle. One thing everyone can agree on, though, is that the decision is surprising. JoJo Fletcher cast-offs Luke and Chase were the clear favorites. (We at R29 were pretty set on die-hard romantic Luke.)
Now that we know it's going to be Viall, we're pretty excited about it. Viall has a long history with the Bachelor Franchise — this will be his fourth televised quest for love. First, he was the runner-up on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. Then, he became a surprise addition to Kaitlyn Bristowe's season — and, once again, was the runner-up. Viall is currently starring on Bachelor In Paradise. He dated Jen Saviano, but clearly their relationship didn't work out. The man is clearly hoping the fourth time's the charm. But whether or not Nick finds love, what we do know is that he's going to be an awesome Bachelor. Here are six reasons why we're excited to see Nick handing out roses on the next season of The Bachelor.
1. He deserves another shot. Nick has proven to be persistent and genuine. "At the end of the day, we all looked around the table and nobody could say it wasn't Nick," host Chris Harrison told People. "You can't shoot holes at the fact that he is just the most deserving and sincere person." He added, "It's about giving him his chance to find love. Who deserves it more than him?"
2. We know that the bizarre competitive dating format works for him. "The good news is [that] it's worked for him," Harrison said on Good Morning America. "He's fallen in love on the show. He has sincerely tried to make it work, and he's just come up a little bit short each time... But he's done his part. He's given himself to this process."
3. He's hilarious. Just watch this reel of Nick doing impressions of other contestants.
4. He's good with the ladies. Very basic, but quite important. Both Andi and Kaitlyn have talked about how Nick made them feel special and desired.
5. He's just controversial enough. Nick wasn't exactly loved by his fellow contestants in the past. They accused him of being calculating, and, well annoying. Oh, and there's that time he brought up Andi's decisions to bring two men into the Fantasy Suite — on live television. He tried to make amends, sort of, but the accusations of slut-shaming stuck.
6. But he will win the haters over. Former Bachelor Sean Lowe said that he wasn't initially the biggest fan of Viall. "He's changed my opinion, and I think he'll change a lot of other people's, so it's going to be an exciting and fun season," he told People. "Even if you hate him now, I guarantee you, you'll start to pull for him once you start watching his season."

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