We’re Calling It: Luke Is Totally The Next Bachelor

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On Monday night, JoJo sent fan-favorite Luke Pell packing — and America wept. The 32-year-old war vet was ousted right after telling JoJo he loved her. But while Bachelor Nation is crushed that Luke's relationship with JoJo didn't work out, people also seem pretty sure he went home with a new gig: the next Bachelor.
We agree, wholeheartedly. The tender Texan is the perfect candidate: handsome, expressive, kind-hearted, ready to settle down, and hopelessly romantic. Plus, all signs indicate that he'll be the next one passing out roses. So piece together your broken heart and read on: Here are the reasons we are 95% sure Luke Pell will be the next Bachelor.

Luke said he'd totally be into it.

It sounds like if Luke is offered the role, he'll take it. "The process worked for me," Pell told E! News. "JoJo kind of allowed me to love again, it was something I hadn't done in awhile prior to our relationship. I'm at a place now where I'm excited to be in love again." Of becoming the next Bachelor, he said, "I think that if that comes up and that's in the future for me, I couldn't be more excited to find it."
Like really, really into it.
Luke echoed a similar sentiment in an interview with Glamour. "If that’s something that comes up, I’m open to that. I truly am. I saw that it worked for JoJo, and JoJo said that it worked for her even when she was on Ben’s season, so having and hearing that firsthand, it worked for me," he said. "I was in love. It was intentional and it was real, so that certainly could be something I’d be open for in the future."
Twitter says so.
Social media doesn't lie, people. After Luke's departure on Monday night, his fans rallied to get Luke back on TV, ASAP. And many viewers are threatening not to watch next season if Luke isn't made the Bachelor.

His exit was the perfect setup
Luke's heartbreaking goodbye was a thing of reality TV beauty. Seriously, telling JoJo at the very last minute that he loved her only to get dumped moments later? Now he has to get another chance at love. Basically, he auditioned to be the next Bachelor right then and there. As one viewer tweeted, "Luke totally solidified his bid as the next Bachelor with the line 'I was in love with JoJo, but I didn't get TO love her.'"

He's been a fan-favorite since day one.

The campaign to make Luke the next Bachelor started way before his exit. Since he set foot off his horse in the premiere, people have been in love with this dude. In June, Reality Steve totaled over 10,000 votes on who should be the next Bachelor — Luke, Robby, or Chase — and Luke won in a landslide, with 61% of the vote. People were even setting up Twitter accounts to land him the role weeks ago. And some admitted to hoping Luke didn't win JoJo's heart so that he could be the Bachelor.
So, there you have it. Do you think Luke will be the next Bachelor? Sound off in the comments below.

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