Here’s A Big Hint About Who The Next Bachelor Will Be

Photo: Felicia Graham/ABC.
When fan-favorite Bachelorette contestant Luke Pell was sent home last month, immediately after declaring his love for a teary-eyed JoJo (proving, once again, that there's simply no room for real emotion in reality romance), America wept right along with her. But if these latest tweets from The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss are any indication, Bachelor Nation can go ahead and dry those tired eyes, because the tender Texan that won America's heart just might be your newest Bachelor. Fleiss started tantalizing fans on Thursday with an ultimately unfulfilled promise to announce the new Bachelor tout suite on his Twitter feed.
But several silent hours later, Fleiss returned to Twitter to backpedal on his promise, blaming "certain entities" for his social media bait-and-switch and later promising to reveal his latest modern-day Lothario either some time after the Olympics have ended or when his number of followers hits the 100K mark. (Shameless self-promotion, much?)
Luke-lovers, here is where you can officially get your hopes up. Fleiss, promising that a "new clue to who will be your next Bachelor will be revealed each day until the official announcement is made," restarted the guessing game with this little gem about sunrises:
Lest you forget, Luke's all-American upbringing on a family ranch guarantees that he has at least a familiarity with early morning hours. But for those still seeking a more overt signal of his imminent selection, head on over to the rancher's personal Twitter page, where the header image is none other than that of a sunrise. Twitter users couldn't be happier about that "coincidence," though they may be slightly irritated at the delay in its confirmation.
While JoJo and her now-fiancé Jordan Rodgers won't choose between Luke and his supposed competitor for the job, Chase, Jordan did go so far as to call Luke "the quintessential Bachelor." And for what it's worth, our erstwhile entertainment reporters predicted his potential new gig immediately after his departure from The Bachelorette. Now, somebody just check with Vegas odds-makers.

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