The Internet Needs To Chill Out & Let Rihanna & Drake Live Their Lives

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Contributor.
On August 28, Aubrey Drake Graham publicly professed his love for Robyn Rihanna Fenty. But it's far from the first time. The most recent public declaration of lust kicked off last weekend when people spotted a personalized billboard congratulating Rihanna on her Video Vanguard Award. When he took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards show to present her with the award, he also decided to tell the world that he has been in love with her since he was 22 years old.
She blushed and waited for him to finish. Then, he quite literally bowed down to her and went in for a kiss. The internet freaked out. Aubrih 'shippers swooned after witnessing their faves finally acknowledge their palpable love and respect for each other. The two were later seen leaving the show and partying together at Rihanna's after-party in a Manhattan night club. All this happened, and it was a wonderful pop culture fairytale. Now it's time for everyone to relax. The internet is blowing up with Drake and Rihanna conspiracy theories, and if everyone isn't careful, they're going to start getting annoyed and start excluding fans from their narratives. Did stans learn nothing from Justin Bieber's freak-out?
First, the internet began flooding each of their social media accounts with emoji spam, most notably a diamond ring — for obvious reasons.
Then, Twitter detectives inspected paparazzi shots of the two the morning after the VMAs and decided that Rihanna was wearing Drake's button-up shirt as a dress the morning after spending the night at his hotel. There's absolutely no shame in that. Though, it's not even the same shirt. Everything she does is not a reflection of Drake, and vice versa.
Later, Twitter posted a trending story comparing similar outfits the two singers have worn. Basically each time the two stars wore purple, that meant they were in love.
Most recently, someone even bought a domain dedicated to the rumored couple. The site,, is just a black screen with a mini logo for Drake's "6 God" logo, and large white text counting down. To what? It's unclear. Genius calculated it, and determined the clock to end September 8 at 9 p.m. One thing that is clear is that the site did not go up with the permission of Drake or Rihanna's people, according to multiple reports.
Drake and Rihanna will continue to play with our hearts and tease us relentlessly with their relationship status because it's clearly #complicated. The moment that they want to start strutting around like the lovebirds Kimye or Bey and Jay, we are so here for it. But in the meantime, can everyone just chill the fuck out?

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