Chrissy Teigen’s Recent Look Proves That ’80s Hair Is Back

When you find your 3/4" @hottoolspro curling iron in the bottom of your kit, you give @chrissyteigen a #fbf hairdo. #CurlsAreBack

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Ariana Grande’s crimped pony (which she wore again at last night’s VMAs) isn’t the only born-again '80s hair look to flood our Insta feeds lately. Chrissy Teigen, TV personality and everyone’s imaginary BFF, just delivered another throwback moment that’s on the brink of a major resurgence: glamorous, larger-than-life, Flashdance curls. The look was created by Jen Atkin, the stylist who previously brought easy, undone hair to the masses. Atkin shared the final look on Instagram this past weekend, saying, “When you find your 3/4" @hottoolspro curling iron in the bottom of your kit, you give @chrissyteigen a #fbf hairdo. #CurlsAreBack.”
We firmly believe curls never left — but it's great to see so many celebs embracing the gorgeous texture. Recently, Jennifer Lopez adopted the look for her Shades of Blue character. And human embodiment of #hairgoals Blake Lively recently went full-on "Jessie Spano" (her words, not ours). Even Taylor Swift has returned to her curly roots as of late. Dark roots and frosted tips give Teigen's latest look extra '80s authenticity. But color aside, we love that the voluminous style embodies Working Girl confidence — without the shoulder pads or hard-lined makeup. It’s enough to get us diving to the backs of our bathroom cabinets for long-neglected curling irons and lost cans of Aqua Net hairspray (and searching YouTube for "Pump Up the Volume" by MARRS). 'Cause if you’re gonna take it back to the '80s, you might as well go all the way.

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