How To Start Your Day Like An Olympian

Photo: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images.
Olympic athletes seem like superhuman images of perfection. But behind all the prep and training that goes into performing on a world-class stage, they use some of the same basic tools that everyone does these days: Apps.
We're not just talking fitness apps, either — although those certainly play a key role in everyday training. We're talking about the apps pro athletes use to sleep better, travel smarter, and even stay on top of their PMS schedule. (You can see slide 12 for proof of that one.) And with a few small exceptions, most of the apps that top athletes use are completely free.
Although most of us can't make it to Rio or set our sights on Beijing 2020, we can still download and play the same games, listen to the same music, and workout the same way as the Olympians we're loving right now.
Click through to check out top picks from three of Team USA's best hopes for gold. You may already use some of the apps these pros swear by — or may find your new favorite. Just be warned: Trying to beat your own reaction time is insanely addictive.

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