I'm Not Buying The New iPhone Unless It Does These 7 Things

A new iPhone is coming — and it's coming pretty darn quickly. We've been hearing rumors and reports about all the wonderful new features it may include. In June, we even got a sneak peek at its biggest new software features. But until the phone is actually announced, what it looks like — and which features will make it to the final version — are still a mystery.

So, as long as it remains unknown, I can still dream about what I want in the next iPhone. In recent years, a lot of people have criticized Apple for not thinking big enough, making only small iterations and updates to its iconic cell phone. One of those complaints is aesthetic — many consumers only want to buy a new iPhone if it looks noticeably different from the last.

I've got a different set of must-haves for my next handset. Here are seven of them.

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