Bachelorette Chad: “My Cockiness & Arrogance Is Just A Fun Side”

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Chad Johnson wants you to know that he's not really a jerk — he's just misunderstood. The Bachelorette season 20 villain talked to People magazine about what kind of guy he truly is. Apparently, what we saw on The Bachelorette is just his "fun side." (Remember all those LOL moments Chad shared with JoJo and his fellow contestants?! Neither do we.) "People are like, 'He's so cocky, he's so arrogant, he'll never find somebody to fall in love with,'" Johnson told People. "But my cockiness and arrogance is just a fun side. I know how to pump the brakes and say, 'Hey, I'm joking.'"
The Bachelor in Paradise contestant also insists he's not violent like he was made out to be on the show. "I haven't gotten in a fight in, like, 10 years," he said. "If somebody is mean to me, I'll just politely ask them to stop or leave." And really, it's the other guys' fault for talking smack about him. "But the fact of the matter is, these guys were badmouthing me 24/7 in front of the whole world. If somebody [messes] with me that much, I should fight!"
So, what's next for The Chad? Maybe a spin-off show of sorts. He told the magazine he wouldn't do it for fame or money — but in the name of good TV. "I would just love something good to watch," he added. "I watched The Bachelorette alone and I cracked up watching myself every time!" We assume that includes the time he chomped on a whole raw sweet potato like it was an apple.

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