Chad Johnson’s Tinder Profile Is Just Too Much

Photo: Craig Sjodin/Courtesy of ABC.
Screenshotting unbelievably douchey Tinder profiles to send around to friends is pretty standard. So is being reminded of things we otherwise would have forgotten thanks to Timehop. But usually, neither of those things involve a walking protein-shake with anger management issues who has become the most despised Bachelorette contestant of all time. That's right, people: We're talking about Chad Johnson's Tinder profile. Katy, the blogger behind The Privvy, came across Chad's Tinder profile a year ago, pre-Bachelorette fame. She shared this fortuitous gift with the world in a post perfectly titled, "I Found Chad From The Bachelorette’s Literal Tinder Bio And It Is Just As Douchey As You’d Expect." "When I originally took this screenshot, I simply thought I was sending my friends yet another example of some douchey bro bio that I undoubtedly left-swiped," she explains. "And thanks to Timehop, an app that shows you not only what you post on social media on the same day the year before, but also the photos you’ve saved in your camera roll, there is still record of this potentially infamous screenshot."
The short but apt description is pure gold — the epitome of Chad. The last line is the winner: "You probably have a better chance of winning the lottery to be honest.”
Although every word of the profile rings painfully true, you can't actually see Chad's face in the photo. So Katy shared the screenshot on Twitter in an effort to verify its authenticity. And, of course, Chad confirmed that it's indeed him in a very Chad manner.
All we have to say is we're pretty sure she swiped left.

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