Here’s Proof The Bachelorette‘s Chad Is An Evil Internet Genius

ABC/Craig Sjodin
Chad from The Bachelorette has revealed himself as a down-the-middle villain on this season in a way that’s been kind of unprecedented in the show’s history. But even in his life outside the hallowed halls of reality TV dating sweepstakes, he’s kind of a creep. A Mashable investigation discovered that Chad, real name Brian, has, like, so many domain names related to his fellow Bachelorette contestants. Those sites include,,,,,,, and For the uninitiated, that’s the Bachelorette herself and several of his competitors for her heart. The last site is especially notable because J.J. Lane called Chad a dickhead in Us Weekly. All the sites, helpfully, direct to Chad’s Instagram. But Chad doesn’t stop there. He also owns,,, and Chad seems to be taking the discovery more or less in stride.
He had a pretty good reason for why he bought the domains. “I figured these might as well not be parked and should instead be directed to a page related to what people were originally looking for,” Johnson told The Daily Dot. We have to hand it to Chad. That’s insanely genius. Now all we have to do is join a reality dating competition, get insanely buff, and start buying up domain names to subtly own our rivals.
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