The Most Outrageous Kanye West Tweets

Screenshot via Twitter.
Kanye West says some crazy stuff online, in his songs, and in interviews. At this point, it's a huge part of his ever-evolving image.
West knows that the best way to get your point across — and the best way to really make people pay attention — is to go all out. And he does just that.
We've rounded up all the "beefs" West has ignited on Twitter (the only social-media platform he uses), and now we're here just to recap some of the most outrageous things the rapper has ever typed and shared with the world.
From starting drama with Wiz Khalifa (which was resolved) to sharing thoughts about his opulent life (remember the marble conference tables tweet?) to just ranting about whatever comes to mind, he is nothing but entertaining. I wonder what his Drafts section of Twitter looks like.
Now, if only he would get Snapchat. That I'd like to see.

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