33 Of Kanye’s Craziest Beefs To Celebrate National Hamburger Day

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
The music world has long been plagued by the presence of beef. That petty, stinky beef that happens between an artist and just about anyone who pisses them off. Some beef has been controversial and even deadly, like Tupac and Biggie's, while others just became great material to rap about, like Drake and Meek Mill's recent lyrical feuds.
Most people, hip-hop artists or otherwise, would be keen to steer clear of starting unnecessary drama with someone. But one man in particular finds no fear in engaging in meaty exchanges. In fact, he seems to thrive on them. Can you guess who we're talking about? It's Kanye, of course!
But West isn't just starting beef in the traditional way. He's bringing it online, where he can safely call out whoever is currently pissing him off, annoying him, or disrespecting him. I can't be the only one curious about what Twitter feud West is going to kick off next. He has 23 million followers, after all. Twitter can be a volatile place, but West is armed with his beef and his phone. A tweet a day keeps the haters at bay, right?
And what better day to honor West's love of starting beef than May 28, National Hamburger Day? Yeezy, I salute your valiant commitment to starting drama with virtually anyone and anything. He usually apologizes a short while after, but seeing his whole thought process on our Twitter feeds has been very entertaining.
Hamburgers in hand, we salute you, Mr. West, for all of your online beefs. Ba da ba ba ba — we're lovin' it.

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