The Line To Help You Start Building That "Real Adult" Wardrobe

The transition to having a "real adult wardrobe" doesn't happen overnight, especially when, speaking from experience, your closet still has a few of those too-short denim cutoffs, beat-up Converse, and floral rompers circa 2011 laying around. But, little by little, adding more polished, versatile, and dare-we-say sophisticated pieces (that are still on-trend, of course) becomes less of a side project and more of a necessity. And while we may not have thousands of dollars to drop on an entirely new collection of clothing, there are certain (wallet-friendly) brands that can help get the job done.

Newly launched direct-to-consumer label Updownacross is one of those perfect places to start. Made in New York City's garment district (by Joann Kim, the awesome millennial making things happen there), the company offers the look and feel of luxury designer wear at an accessible price point, and there's nothing to hate about that. Currently, the debut collection features a cold-shoulder slip dress, a minimalist bomber, and a few work-ready button-up shirts, but expect five- to eight-piece capsules to come on 15th of every month. Click through to shop what's currently available, and get ready for your look to finally start adulting as well as you do.

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