Céline Dion At A Fashion Show Is All Of Us

Photo: Getty Images.
Just like it is a known fact that "a woman carries an evening bag at dinner time," it is a known fact that Céline Dion has the range. Her heart is still going on, she basically created Las Vegas, and she knows the power of love. During couture week in Paris, you might have noticed her range of style, which seemed to grow exponentially overnight. In just a couple of outfits (including that ever-meta Vetements hoodie), Dion has — intentionally or not — embraced every flashbulb. But her front-row moment at Giambattista Valli's fall 2016 haute couture runway show is what really had us going.
Here, we present to you a slideshow of every single time during those fateful minutes that Céline Dion was so Céline Dion that even Céline Dion didn't know how to contain Céline Dion. Between the pearl-clenching, the thumbs-ups, the Oh, mon dieus, and the mix of sheer terror and excitement in her eyes, there was a tiny morsel of reliability. Because whether you've been to one or not, sometimes the suspense that comes with a fashion show is just too fucking much. Our French-Canadian songbird just lost her marbles in the cutest way. Céline, c'est à vous!

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