Scottish People Called Donald Trump A “Wiggy Slice” & Other Hilarious Insults

On Monday night's episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, the comedian dove into a variety of topics, including last week's Brexit, when Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Bee also criticized the "leave" campaign and Nigel Farage, leader of the U.K. Independence Party, whom she called an "insufferable frog-faced wanker." Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump was quick to weigh in on the Brexit vote (though, as many have noted, he hasn't spoken out about Monday's landmark Supreme Court ruling on abortion). As Bee mentioned in the segment, Trump congratulated Scotland about Brexit — despite the fact that the country voted to stay in the E.U. (Trump also tweeted that Brexit's financial impact could help boost business at his Scotland golf course.)
"Oh boy, okay, you just confused England and Scotland — they love that," Bee said in the episode. To capitalize on Trump's gaffe, Bee called on "real Scotsman" David Tennant, one of the actors who's played Doctor Who, to read mean Scottish tweets about Trump. Check out the clip below starting at 5:21 to see Tennant read the (NSFW) Scottish insults against Trump, many of which reminded him that Scotland voted to remain part of the E.U.
While Bee was clearly frustrated about the Brexit vote's outcome (she used a Doctor Who clip to make her point), she encouraged U.S. voters not to make the same mistake this fall. "At least there's still time to make sure we don't feel in November the way the Brits do today," Bee said in the segment. "Go to your state Board of Elections website, which you'll find, I want to say, somewhere on GeoCities, and check your voter registration status and deadlines. Take this election seriously, and for god's sake, between now and November, don’t blink."

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