These SkyMall Buys Are Total Game-changers

Photo: Getty Images.
SkyMall may not be an in-flight magazine anymore, but you can still shop its collection of absurd products online.

With offerings like a "dancing ducks" welcome statue and an oil-less fryer, SkyMall is, in many people's minds, the place to look for ridiculous items. (And in most cases, that's a fairly accurate assumption.)

But not everything on the retailer's website is as absurd as you might believe. Some of SkyMall's products look downright useful — and saying they could change your life might not be a stretch. Who wouldn't benefit from a bug vacuum that can electrocute pesky critters? A set of portable travel weights that can be filled with water sounds genius.

Ahead, we've rounded up some of the best SkyMall products you'll actually want to use. Click through to see the bizarre (but useful!) tools — and don't blame us if you end up buying them.

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