12 Awesome Pool Floats That Go WAY Beyond The Swan

Summer doesn't technically begin until June 21, but if temperatures in most of the country are any indication, the hottest season of the year has already arrived. And while you're stocking up on SPF and planning your last-minute beach getaways, don't forget to grab this year's true must-have accessory. No, not a white tee — we're talking about awesome pool toys.
These days, no pool or beach party is complete without a giant, colorful float. And since the once-popular swan is apparently over, we're in desperate need of some new and inspired inflatables.
Ahead, we've rounded up 12 totally original floats that will keep you from having the same old Instagrams as everyone else. From a T-Rex to your own island, click through to see 2016's coolest aquatic toys for the best summer yet.