These Are The Best LGBT Movies On Netflix Right Now

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June is LGBT Pride Month. To celebrate, you could always watch RENT for the 100th time (and if you have time, you should — that movie holds up). Although LGBT representation is still far from what it should be on the big screen, there are plenty of newer films that explore the queer experience and are worth checking out. You could stream a light comedy, even one that gained Oscar buzz. You could check out a tear-jerking drama or a documentary sure to make you cry. Or you could even watch the kind of musical that Glee was always trying to be.
So here's a starter list for your Pride movie night. These offer a quieter at-home option if you're skipping the parade this year. Or, at least they'll provide some entertainment as you recover.
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Tangerine (2015)

Immediately upon her release from jail, transgender prostitute Sin-Dee teams up with her friend, Alexandra, to confront her no-good, lying pimp. Apparently, over Sin-Dee's 28-day stint in jail, he cheated on her with another woman. This raucous modern-take on the buddy comedy was actually filmed on an iPhone 5s camera.
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The Kids Are All Right (2010)

Finally catch up on your 2010 Oscar nominees and visit the distant film-world past — before Mark Ruffalo was the Hulk, before Josh Hutcherson was Peeta, and before Zosia Mamet was Shoshanna.
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Camp (2003)

The musical stylings of baby Anna Kendrick should be enjoyed often. Besides the fantastic singing, the film also handles big issues like bullying and students' right to attend dances however they identify.
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Do I Sound Gay? (2014)

An interesting look at how stereotypes and communities can form over something as small as the tenor of your voice.
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A Single Man (2009)

If you're in the mood to cry forever, this '60s period piece about grief over the death of someone you love is a very highbrow way to go through an entire box of tissues.
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Lilting (2014)

If you want a very specific mini-marathon, you can chase A Single Man with Lilting, for your "film house look at a man trying, and mostly failing, to get past the death of the man he loved" movie night.
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G.B.F. (2014)

A completely adorable teen satire of gay stereotypes in the media.
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To Be Takei (2014)

The documentary profiling the internet's favorite meme-poster touches on the actor's earlier career (when he stayed closeted), as well as when he came out and became a vocal supporter of gay rights.
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Any Day Now (2012)

A heartbreaking movie about the many prejudices that faced gay couples in the 1970s (and in certain states, persist today), including legal barriers that keep them from adopting children.
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Cloudburst (2012)

It's The Notebook rule: Senior citizens in love on film are extra adorable.
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Limited Partnership (2014)

For a history lesson on the gay rights movement, this documentary about a gay couple who were issued a marriage certificate in Colorado in 1975 shows just how long and hard the road to nationally legal gay marriage was.

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