What Happened When This Guy Met Hodor On An Elevator IRL

The world continues to reel from Hodor's shocking fate on last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones. (If you haven't watched it yet at this point, then I am, quite frankly, speechless. Priorities, people.) The series' devoted online fandom is in mourning. And people are memorializing the heroic chatterbox — who died protecting Bran from the White Walkers via some screwy time-traveling/warging business — in elevators everywhere.
But one lucky YouTuber actually ran into the actor who plays played (sob) Hodor right outside of, you guessed it, an elevator. The gamer and YouTube personality, who calls himself Turps, spotted Kristian Nairn after leaving a screening for the upcoming World of Warcraft movie. (Honestly, we're a little skeptical that this whole run-in was coincidental and not planned, but we'll play along because Hodor.) Turps caught up with Nairn at just the right moment, and you can probably guess what happened next. Their interaction was brief but epic — much like Hodor's final act of bravery.

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