Eva Longoria Convinces Victoria Beckham To Wear Uggs

Since going public with her partial retirement from high heels, Victoria Beckham has had no problem showing off her newfound love for "trainers." But over the weekend, she dipped her toes — literally and figuratively — in another, more controversial category of comfortable footwear. Brace yourselves: Posh Spice wore Uggs.

On Sunday, the fashion designer posted a picture of her sensible (and incredibly cozy-looking) boots while in Mexico for friend Eva Longoria's wedding. And while this may come as a shock to any Spice Girl devotee, Beckham admitted that this definitely isn't a regular occurrence: It was a special occasion, and, according to Posh, Longoria is probably the only person who could get her to indulge in the plushy boots. (Sorry, Becks.) "I can't believe she put me in Uggs," the image's caption read. "You can't say no to the bride."

#Repost @evalongoria ・・・ I can't believe she put me in Uggs!! You can't say no to the bride!!!! x vb

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Longoria wore the honor with pride, though. The actress and newlywed originally shared the image of her and Beckham lounging lakeside, with the caption: "Morning after foot attire... Me and VB relaxing by the lake. #YesIGotHerToWearUggs"

Does this mean Uggs are posh now? If so, we're not mad.


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