15 Memorable Movie Airplane Scenes To Get You Flight-Ready

Photo: Universal/Everett/REX/Shutterstock,
You've just about had it with movies in which children vanish from planes; psycho killers ply women with Sea Breezes at the airport bar; and Liam Neeson, Wesley Snipes, or Kurt Russell so much as go near a 747. You'd rather not think about pilots getting drunk, Air Force One being taken hostage, or snakes somehow making their way onto your flight. Chill out, Hollywood.
Luckily, not every movie scene involving air travel will put the fear of god in you. There's Rick and Elsa parting ways at the Casablanca airport. There's Snoop Dogg playing the world's most stoned pilot (we hope). There's George Clooney racking up miles. That we can live with.
Click through to see some of our favorite flight scenes. Nothing scary, we promise.

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