JetBlue’s Mother’s Day Ad Features Crying Babies, Will Make You Cry

A lot of good Mother’s Day ads out there make us want to call our moms, but JetBlue’s most recent one is making the case for feeling love for all the moms out there — especially the new ones. Flying with a baby on board can often make passengers groan and roll their eyes, but in this ad, the airline gives viewers some insight into what it’s like to fly with a baby. The moms interviewed are fully aware of the way their fellow travelers see them. No one (including the mom), wants a crying baby on board. Yet, in the sweet and funny video, JetBlue changes all that. On a flight from New York to California, a flight attendant announces that for every crying baby, each passenger will receive 25% off their next flight — and up to 100% off, if four babies cry.
What follows is a lot of laughter and cheering as each baby, in turn, does what babies do best and starts to cry. Finally, right before descent, the fourth baby, Max, cries, and the entire plane breaks out in applause. And while, in all likelihood, there won’t be such a deal offered on our next flight, the ad ends with a nice reminder: “Next time, smile at a baby, for crying out loud.” A message we can all remember for Mother’s Day — and every day.

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