This Is The Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gift

Photo: Courtesy Apple.
Update: Apple has added a new, free feature that lets you personalize its Shot on iPhone Mother's Day film with a picture of your own mom. Just go here to upload a photo of mom from your camera roll. Then, you can share the video on Facebook. She may have given you life and reared you from birth, but you're giving her an Apple ad, so let's call it even? This story was originally published May 1, 2016. A new Apple ad released today shows mothers from all over the world with their kids. From new moms with babies to outings with adult children, each image encapsulates an emotional moment to remind us of all the reasons Mother's Day is worth celebrating. The ad is part of Apple's Shot on iPhone campaign, which features real photos users have taken with their phones. The names of users who submitted the photos are at the bottom of each still. At the end, the text reads, "Moms shot on iPhone." (There's also a pretty hilarious parody of the campaign that you might want to check out). As the slideshow reels, the song “Because You Are Who You Are" by K.S. Rhoads plays in the background. The same song was used in an Academy Sports + Outdoors Father's Day ad last year, so clearly, there's something about it that makes us well up with affection for our parents. As Mother's Day approaches, Apple's ad reminds us just how the precious the moments we share with our families are, no matter how we choose to capture them.

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