Leave It To Rihanna To Pair A $60K Necklace With Sweats

Photo: 247PAPS.TV/Splash News.
For a second, imagine we live in a world where fashion rules don't exist and anything goes with anything. Brown with black, white after Labor Day, the taboo around horizontal stripes is squashed — you get it. If that world wasn't just a nice thought (which, we like to think it isn't), Rihanna would be the ruler of it. (And maybe Lady Gaga is second-in-command, but that's another story for another time.) A purveyor of all things forward-thinking, Rihanna often leads the pack, influencing how we look at street style and trends in the celebrity world. Whether it's a pair of Uggs or denim Manolo Blahniks, her fashion choices always contain just the right amount of wrong. And by wrong, we don't mean bad, of course, but rather irreverent and defiant in a way very few could pull off. Sunday's outfit of sweatpants and high-priced jewelry in Philadelphia is the perfect example. The "Kiss It Better" songstress paired a $60,000 Le Vian necklace with joggers that put your Juicy Couture tracksuit in its rightful place. Yep: She's wearing your dream car around her neck. The reasoning behind the pairing? Who knows, but who cares? That's what Rihanna's all about. No fucks are ever given to the proper way to style an investment item, and that's why we love her. High-low combinations (even those as stratospherically high and basement-level low as these) are blips in the world of street style stalking that remind us you don't have to shell out beaucoup de coins on every piece of your outfit. And that impulse buy that was maybe a little too expensive can actually go with more than you'd think. Now, with RiRi as our guide, let's get to shopping (er, saving), shall we?

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