The Ultimate Napping Coat Has FINALLY Arrived

Photo: Courtesy of Jurys Inn.
Ever wish you could just bring the comfort of your bed with you to the office? Well, the dream may soon be a reality — if enough people tweet about it. You can thank U.K. hotel chain Jurys Inn for this stroke of cozy, yet business-casual, genius. It's a random-but-brilliant concept called the Suvet: the suit-duvet hybrid you didn't know you needed. The Suvet is exactly what it sounds like: a parka-like jacket-and-trousers combo made from duvets (the same ones on Jurys Inn's beds, according to the hotel's website). The company was inspired by some (ironically) eye-opening statistics about how many British workers struggle to get out of bed in the morning, in light of an upcoming time change that'll shave a precious hour from their schedule. So, Jurys Inn teamed up with costume designer Wendy Benstead to create a garment that brings the warmth and comfort of your bed (and allows you to catch a few ZZZs at any given point) everywhere you go. The design is meant to ensure both comfort and personal space, according to a description on Jurys Inn's website: It has a "snood-like collar" that works as a built-in pillow and purposely oversized shoulders to create some space between the wearer and the outside world. (Although, as a promotional video shows, this feature may actually just encourage strangers to take impromptu naps.) For now, the Suvet is just for ogling, not purchasing. But Jurys Inn says if enough people show interest on social media, it may put a limited amount into production — so you, too, can get the literal "I woke up like this" look. "If there is enough interest in this prototype, we will definitely consider putting a limited-edition run into production," Suzanne Cannon, head of marketing for Jurys Inn, said in a release. "After all, who doesn’t like the thought of a duvet day, every day." Cannon told Refinery29 that the prototype took three months to create, from ideation to actual production. And while the Suvet is just a concept for now, it could become a reality soon: "We didn't have a definitive number of tweets in mind that would be required to make this happen, but so far we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reaction it’s received, so it’s definitely a possibility," she said. You can put our name down.

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